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Commencing operations in September 2023, the company is rooted in the philosophy of sustainable growth and environmental care.



Fertilizer is one of the most vital inputs required for enhancing agricultural production and the farmers’ income across the world. During the last couple of decades, this was achieved by using Chemical Fertilizers indiscriminately. However in due course of time farmers started witnessing increasingly adverse effects of Chemical Fertilizers and started expressing serious concerns particularly of difficulties in maintaining their yields and resulting in financial losses due to increased input cost. Studies showed that:

  • Though chemical fertilizers increased crop production; overuse thereof, over the time, drastically reduces soil microorganisms and causes groundwater pollution. Nitrogen Fertilizers break down in the soil and converts into nitrates that are soluble in water and easily pass through the soil and they can remain in that position for decades and this accumulation causes hardening of soil and decreased soil fertility.
  • Simultaneously decreased soil fertility adversely effected the crop yield and more quantity of Chemical Fertilizer is needed than during the preceding crop cycle in order to maintain the yield. This trend forces the farmers to overuse rather misuse or imbalanced application of synthetic nutrients of the Chemical Fertilizer, thus aggravating the adverse affects thereof continuously.
  • Chemical fertilizer causes water contamination; in particular groundwater, because if high levels of chemicals are used, they pass through the root and reach the groundwater, thus not only damaging agricultural production but human health as well.
  • Crops harvested using chemical fertilizers are not only low in taste but also cause serious health harzards such as indigestation, bloating, ulcers, stomach problems, and cancer.
  • Stubble burning increases air pollution, soil acidification, and mineral depletion which is majorily affecting the global warming.
Micro NutrientsPresence of mostly one
(Nitrogen) and maximum
two elements
Presence multiple nutrients including
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium,
Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Boran, Iron,
Copper, Molybdenum, Chlorine, Sulphur
pH BalanceDamages the pH balanceMaintains the pH balance
Organic CarbonAbsentPresent is high ratio
Reduces the capacityEnhances the capacity
Soil StructureCreates imbalanceMaintains balance
Usage QuantityExcessive usage damages
the soil and plant
Can be used in unlimited quantity
Usage AdvantageShort TermLong Term
Micro OrganismsAbsentPresent in abundance
EnvironmentHarmful for Soil and
Beneficial for Soil and Water

Need of the hour is to switch to Organic Fertilizers which increases the Soil Fertility resulting in Sustained Crop Yield at a much lower cost.

Keeping in view the above, Grow More Fertilizer & Company Limited, under the guidance of experienced Agri-Scientists and experts, started producing High Quality Organic Granulated Fertilizer in Nepal under the brand name of “Ratnam”.

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Ratnam Contains balanced quantity of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Iron, Boran, Calcium etc. Helps in proper development of Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flower and Fruits .


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