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Why RATNAM Organic Granulated Fertilizer

Urea based Chemical Fertilizer is most common and widely used across the country. However it provides only 3% – 3.5% Nitrate to the soil and most of the nutreint is wasted through seepage.
Likewise loss of Phosphorus in DAP Fertilizer is minimal but it gets settled in the soil and provides about 1.5% to 2.0% benefits to the crop.
The Agri-Scientists are emphasizing upon lesser use of Chemical Fertilizer and encouraging use of Organic Fertilizer to conserve the soil and in the process enhance the farm yield.

  • Ratnam contains balanced quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, boran, calcium etc. which helps in proper development of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits .
  • Ratnam has Neem Khalli and Bone Meal which strengthens the roots of the plant. It also acts as a powerful pesticide and controls termite and other harmful elements.
  • Presence of Carbon in Ratnam helps water retention in soil, thus saving in farmers’ investment.
  • Ratnam contains Ascophyllum nodosum which improve stress tolerance and crop vigour, while while simulating soil microbes.
  • Acetobacter is added to Ratnam due to which plants consume nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Ratnam Granulated Organic Fertilizer contains all the beneficial elements named hereinabove and offers a great alternative to Chemical Fertilizers. Availability of major elements, vital for crop and the soil, in Ratnam are described in the Table hereunder: 

CalciumMore than 5%
Sulphur2% 2.5%
Magnesium01% - 1.5%
Iron0.1% - 0.5%
Organic MattersMore than 20%
Moisture10% 20%
Carbon & NitrogenMore than 200

Crop-wise usage of Ratnam Per Acre with Time/ Duration

Potatoes, Sugarcane04 QuintalAt the time of Sowing or after One
Paddy/ Rice04 QuintalAt the time of Sowing or after One
Maize, Soybean2.0 3.5 Quintal15 - 20 Days after Sowing
Wheat, Coriander, Mustard2.0 4.0 Quintal20 days after field preparation
Pulses2.0 Quintal20 days after field preparation
Oil Seeds Crop2.0 QuintalAt the time of Sowing or after 15 days
Vegetables2.0 QuintalAfter 15 Days
Tea Crop7.5 QuintalBetween February to April
Tea Crop2.5 QuintalIn October
Flower50 100 GmsPer Plant
Grass Lawn250 400 GmsPer Square Meter
Fruit Crops300 Gms 2 Kgs.Apply through diggings around roots
Onion, Garlic2.0 3.5 Quintal15 Days after Sowing